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(UNGCLBK1)UNG CLBK1 – OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit, 1.5 gal, Black/Blue/Gray by UNGER (1/EA)

Using a mop pad versus a standard wet mop offers many benefits. Quicker dry times mean less risk of patrons slipping. Plus, these mops are lighter and easier to maneuver. The mop head swivels from side to side for getting into corners and along baseboards



Clean floors faster and with less water than ever before, thanks to the Unger® OmniClean™ Dual Bucket Kit! This professional system uses dual buckets to separate your clean and dirty solution. The blue-marked StayClean Charge Bucket will hold your clean s

Clean floors cleaner than ever before with the Unger® OmniClean™ professional floor cleaning system.

Features dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty solution, ensuring the StayClean  charge bucket always stays clean.

The innovative scrub board removes debris from the mop pad and isolates it in the dirty solution bucket.

With Omniclean, you will always mop with clean solution!


7005085 UNG CLBK1

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